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Our new server is open! :D Join us on Comedycraft!

We currently have Survival GamesSkywarsMinigames PartyCreative Plots, and Hard/Peaceful Economy Survival!

Come play on our custom maps250x250 creative plots, protected survival with friendly and helpful staff members!

We are constantly expanding and perfecting our server, and would appreciate your feedback!

I’ll be making my Pokemon icons in Minecraft form on the creative plots, so join us!


This is a unique opportunity to win your very own custom bouncy icon of anything you want! >w< (Not just restricted to Pokemon, see my blog for examples!)

Not only that, but you’re helping to make a young artist a very happy person indeed. ;u; 


- If you have a Twitter account, click this link:

Log in with your Twitter account and write a reason after the “because…” in the box, and tweet it! ;u; (All the other fields are filled out for you.) Make sure you leave the “…” after the “because” otherwise your vote and entry to this giveaway will not count!

- If you only have a Tumblr account, reblog this post! >w< If you have already used the above method of entering, you can still reblog this post for another entry, and a better chance of winning!

 1 Nomination = 2 chances to win

 1 Reblog = 1 chance to win

 1 Nomination + 1 Reblog = 3 chances to win, so if you really want one, do both! >w<

Currently there are a total of three icons up for grabs, but I may increase that if lots of people make nominations! ;u; Winners will be randomly selected and,announced on February 20th! 

You don’t have to follow me to win, but if you want to keep an eye on the progress of this giveaway, I’ll probably keep followers updated on it. ;u; I’ll PM you if you win, so it’s not totally necessary, but always appreciated!

Thank you everyone, good luck! >w<

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If I’ve learned anything from video games, it is that when you meet enemies, it means that you’re going in the right direction.

(Source: demonshower)

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Photo 19 Nov 1,224 notes Bouncy shiny Phantump and Phantump~

Bouncy shiny Phantump and Phantump~

Photo 16 Nov 768 notes Bouncy Shiny Pumpkaboo and Pumpkaboo~

Bouncy Shiny Pumpkaboo and Pumpkaboo~

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raynblue asked: Who would your favorite pokemon be from each of the regions?

;A; Oh gosh. Probably Jolteon, Quilava, Flygon, Luxray, Reunicleus and Fletchling. >w< I backspaced them and replaced them with other things so much before actually posting them, haha.

Photo 11 Nov 319 notes Bouncy shiny Litwick and Litwick~

Bouncy shiny Litwick and Litwick~

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kazahskorner asked: Hey, I found you on dA :D what program do you use to make your sprites?

I use Photoshop CS4 Extended, but I’d recommend any Photoshop CS Extended version. >w< Older is cheaper and honestly there’s not much difference so I’d recommend that! Non-Extended versions don’t have the animation tools and I think it’s worth it. ;u;

Photo 8 Nov 533 notes Bouncy shiny Drifloon and Drifloon~

Bouncy shiny Drifloon and Drifloon~

Photo 8 Nov 228 notes Bouncy shiny Shuppet and Shuppet~

Bouncy shiny Shuppet and Shuppet~

Photo 7 Nov 28 notes Bouncy shiny Houndour and Houndour~

Bouncy shiny Houndour and Houndour~

Photo 28 Oct 8,003 notes Bouncy shiny Gengar and Gengar~
Check out my Halloween icon event on DeviantArt:

Bouncy shiny Gengar and Gengar~

Check out my Halloween icon event on DeviantArt:

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Anonymous asked: You've probably been asked this 9000000000000 million super duper i dont know times but can we use your pixels if we credit you?

:D Sure! Could you link to my Tumblr or my DeviantArt? My DA is

Text 6 Aug

Anonymous asked: Could you make a bouncy politoed? I bet it would be so cute uwu

Just the other day I thought about making one, heehee! C: I think it’ll be within the next six or so I make.

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Anonymous asked: I don't want to be ~that guy~ but I'm curious which program you're using to draw up these cuties.

C: Photoshop CS4. I think you can make them on pretty much any Photoshop though.

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